Frequently Asked Questions

What is going on with GoPro VR?

GoPro has undertaken to deliver the best tools for 360-degree video creators. The initial GoPro VR platform was created before other platforms supported 360-degree video. It answered the needs of content creators to easily host and share their 360-degree videos online. While other platforms now support 360-degree videos, we believe it is our role to offer more features for VR storytellers. This is why we're making GoPro VR's player technology open-source. We call it ForgeJS and you can use it to build VR experiences that are way more elaborated than a simple 360-degree video.

What is ForgeJS? How can I use it?

ForgeJS is the technology behind GoPro VR. We're making it free and open source: you can now build your own VR experiences and host them on your website. ForgeJS is a JavaScript framework that you or your developers can use to create awesome VR experiences that go far beyond a simple 360-degree video. Please visit forgejs.org for more details.

Can I just display my 360-degree videos on my website using ForgeJS?

Of course, you won’t need to use all the features offered by ForgeJS. The player feature alone will allow you to display your videos on your own website, just like GoPro VR did. You'll find sample projects on the ForgeJS website.

What's the timing for GoPro VR shut down?

As of February 6th, you won't be able to upload 360-degree videos and the mobile apps will not be available for download anymore. After February 28th, the GoPro VR platform will not be accessible anymore and the videos won’t be displayed on the mobile apps and iframes embedded in third-party websites.

What about the GoPro VR apps and the GoPro VR Player desktop app?

The apps for Android and iOS are unpublished.
The GoPro VR Player app for Windows and Mac will continue to exist and new features will continue to be added. It's a very useful tool for VR professionals to proof their content locally or play it offline, at events for instance.

How can I download the videos I have hosted on GoPro VR?

Log-in to your GoPro VR account and download your videos by clicking on the Download button located next to each video in your gallery. Please do so before February 28th, as the service will be discontinued on that date.

What will happen to my 360-degree videos hosted on GoPro VR?

Your videos will no-longer be displayed as of February 28th and will be erased from our servers on March 31st at the latest.

What other VR tools does GoPro provide for content creators?

Virtual reality at GoPro is a big topic: it all begins with Omni™, our synchronized 6-camera array, that allows you to easily capture 360-degree videos. Software is the key: use the Omni Importer and GoPro's Kolor™ Autopano™ Video Pro software to automatically stitch the videos into a single 360-degree video. And now, use ForgeJS to build incredible VR experiences from your 360-degree photo and video content.