Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 360-degree video?

In a 360° video, the entire 360° scene around the camera is filmed, which allows the viewer to watch whichever direction they want while the video is playing, unlike normal videos which only allow you to see in the one direction it was filmed in. This result is achieved using a 360° camera and our interactive 360° video player: GoPro VR.

Is this a free service?

Yes it is.

What video format can I upload?

The videos must be in MP4 format (H264+AAC) and not exceed 2 GB.

What video resolution can I upload?

The videos must have a resolution higher than 1440p.

Why my videos are not on GoPro VR after the migration from KolorEyes to GoPro VR any more?

All videos with a resolution less than 1440p have been their privacy status changed from public to unlisted. You can switch back to public by editing the video properties.

Are there any limits to the amount of videos I can upload?

There are currently no usage limits.

What is the multiple video quality encoding?

Once your 360° video has been uploaded, we process your media so that it is available in different quality levels. This processing enables the smoothest possible video stream with the least amount of potential interruption by adapting to the viewers connection speed.

What video qualities are available?

Quality Resolution (px) Connection speed FPS Comments
LOW 1280×640 1.5 Mbits 25
MEDIUM1920x9604 Mbits25
HIGH2880x14408 Mbits25Fast connection speed through ADSL recommended
ULTRA3840x192030 Mbits25Powerful computer and a very fast connection speed recommended.

What search syntax can be used?

  • A simple word will be searched for in the video titles and descriptions
  • A minimum of 2 characters per word
  • # for hashtags (example: #paris)
  • & for categories (example: &Sport)
  • All the terms can be used in a search (example: Notre Dame &Sport #paris)

How can I get the best quality for my videos?

We currently recommend using Google Chrome for a better rendering performance. As a producer: The maximum output video size after processing is 3840x1920. To ensure the best possible quality for your videos, you should provide a video with these dimensions or higher.

Will my videos be available on other platforms, like on mobiles or tablets?

Yes, the 360° videos that we host are also available to be viewed from GoProVR app (Android and iOS).

Is it possible to watch my videos using a virtual reality headset (HMD)?

Yes, our mobile applications contain a feature dedicated to being used with HMDs and are usable with accessories like the "Google Cardboard".

Do I still own the rights to the videos I upload?

The 360° videos hosted by our service remain the property of their authors.

How can I embed a hosted video on my website?

Embedding a video on a page is achieved using an iFrame. A code ready to be copy/pasted is available on the page of the 360° video you would like to embed.

Can I make my videos private?

There are two privacy options:
  • Password protection of the video.
  • Choosing to not make the video public. The only way to reach the video will then be from a direct link.

I've found some content that does not seem appropriate, can I report it?

On every video page, you will find a 'Report' button which allows you to report the video.

What is the iFrame API, and how do I use it?

The iFrame API allows you to control certain features of a 360° video that you have embedded on your website using an iFrame. This powerful feature allows you to create external tools using our hosting solution as a 360° video provider. Documentation and an example project are available on GitHub.

GoPro VR app for Mobile Minimum requirements?

iOS 9 or higher
iPhone4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus
iPad2, 3, 4
iPad Mini2, 3, 4
iPad Air1, 2
iPad Pro1
iPad Touch5th generation
Android OS
4.1.xJelly Bean or higher

Which browser supports GoPro VR Player?

OSChrome 49Firefox 45Edge 25IE11 <=11Opera 36
Windows 10 Flat video
OSChrome 49Firefox 45Safari 9Opera 36
OSX Yosemite MacOSX El Capitan Can't read old encoded high/ultra videos Flat video
OSChrome 49Firefox 45Safari 9Opera 36
Linux Flat video
OSSafari 9Chrome 49Firefox 45Opera 36
iOSGoPro VR appGoPro VR appGoPro VR app
OSAndroid browserChrome 49Firefox 45Opera Mini 13
AndroidGoPro VR appGoPro VR appGoPro VR app
Compatible, direct play
A flat video ("equirectangular" view) is displayed with a message "We are sorry, your browser is not compatible for our 360° videos player. Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox." Same comportement as Youtube.
GoProVR player issue
GoPro VR appThe OS proposes to install the application

Prohibited content?

We want GoPro VR and to be an enjoyable place for everybody around the world to visit and participate in the GoPro VR experience. On that basis, we ask that you do not upload any content might be inappropriate, offensive or harmful. We trust that you understand what this means, but in case you do not, this includes (but is not limited to) anything that is:
  • Defamatory, obscene, pornographic or vulgar;
  • Promotes discrimination, bigotry, racism, hatred, harassment or harm against any individual or group;
  • Is violent or threatening or promotes violence or actions that are threatening to any other person;
  • Infringes, misappropriates or violates somebody’s intellectual property, privacy or publicity rights;
  • Promotes illegal or harmful activities or substances.